Back at it.

It takes hard work to get back into running shape, but before you know it running will become easier.

If you haven’t ran for a while let me begin by telling you the obvious: you can do it. My first bit of advice is to set small goals for yourself. What I am doing right now is making myself run for 40 minutes. Usually I go 20 minutes out and back. Another option is to set yourself a certain amount of miles that you run every day. Sometimes I want to turn around at 15 minutes out but I can’t do that if I want to improve.

Shot this picture at the halfway point of my run on the Poly Canyon trail.

Getting back into the groove of running is a challenge for everyone. It’s just like going to the gym; the hardest part is getting there. For running, the hardest part is setting aside time in your day to go out and do it. My high school cross country coach told us it takes two weeks of running until it gets easier. Through my experiences as a runner I wholeheartedly agree.

Something else that might help you achieve those goals? Writing it on paper. Sounds cheesy but it works.

Side note: the video my group is working on in our Agricultural Communications class is almost done. I am thinking about doing an out and back run to the horse unit on campus to check in with everyone on the rodeo team!


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