Current setback: Knee pain.

     Days after the Nike Women’s Half Marathon my knees kept hurting. They progressively hurt so bad that I could hardly walk to class. I finally made myself go to the doctor who said the pain I was feeling was a result of  “Runner’s Knee,” or pain underneath my patella. The directions the doctor gave me was just more ice, rest, and Tylenol extra strength.

     I have ran only twice now since the half marathon. My knees aren’t feeling all the way better but I am glad to be running again.

     As soon as I start my run I can’t help but feel at home again. 

    Through this experience I realize the importance of taking care of yourself to get better fast. I wish I could go back and  ice my knees more so that I could be 100% better now, but you live and learn. I am coming back and I am looking forward to getting back in shape. 

My goal now is to try a new trail before Thanksgiving break. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to comment!

     In other news…

Going back to my Agricultural Communications class, right now we are working on a video project. The topic is the Cal Poly Rodeo Team. My group got to go out to a practice and see what the team is all about. I’m editing the video clips now and I think my group is on to something. The video isn’t just about a grade in this class; it will be sent to RFDTV for a potential reality TV show. I’ll keep you all posted on that project.




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