Why everybody needs a beach run


The Beach Run

Running at Pismo Beach reminds me what a beautiful place the Central Coast is.

Once in a while I make myself drive to Pismo Beach and go for a long run. I keep my shoes on, leave my phone behind, and just run on the sand. Despite the drive, it is completely worth it.

Pismo beach is the perfect place to go for an out and back run. I would suggest trying to go during low tide so that you have more room on the harder sand to run. I used to just run barefoot but when I run more than thirty minutes, but it hurts my feet and makes them too sore the next day.

Running on the beach is relaxing. I suggest skipping out on your running watch, your cell phone, iPod, whatever you use. Just let yourself listen to the waves and forget about what else you have to do that day or what you have to do tomorrow.

Running doesn’t have to be a chore. It doesn’t even have to be viewed as your work out. Running can be the time you set aside to clear your head. A beach run is the perfect place to do just that.



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