Trail of the Week

View of Bishop’s Peak from the trail.

Crop Trail

The crop trail is located on the Cal Poly campus. I am not exactly sure what the actual name of the trail is, but runners on the Cal Poly track team call it the crop trail.

If you follow the trail long enough it connects to Poly Canyon trail. The name is not misleading, there is a view of crops on campus as well as farms that aren’t affiliated with Cal Poly.

There are many beautiful views from the trail including Bishop Peak. The beef cattle evaluation center will be on the left about a mile into the trail. After, the poultry science instruction center is on the right. Make sure to turn right on Stenner Creek Road and continue to follow the trail.

This is another great trail for an out-and-back run. It is hilly so make sure to pace yourself on the way out.

Directions from 101-S:

  1. Take the exit for California
  2. Turn right on California
  3. Pass the Cal Poly football field
  4. Turn left on Highland Drive
  5. Turn right into the first parking lot on your right
  6. Park and the start of the trail is at the gate

Something new…

This week I want my viewers to try something new with their running. I haven’t talked much about form, but it is essential to improve as a runner.

This week while you’re running, I challenge you to be aware of the way you are running. After a few miles do your shoulders get tense? Does your body become more hunched over?

Make sure to run tall. It is important to relax your shoulders when your running, instead of having them up tight against your ears. Remember to keep your back nice and straight and have long strides as well.

Here is an article from Runner’s World that will give you a few pointers on your running form.


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