Trail of the Week

Irish Hills


View from King Trail, part of the Irish Hills hiking trails.

Irish Hills are a network of trails, this morning I tried out Kings trail. This is an out and back run that is mostly uphill on the way out. It overlooks shopping centers off of the Madonna exit. As you keep running the trail takes you farther away from the city towards beautiful rolling hills. Whoever named it “Irish Hills,” made no mistake, this trail is the closest I have been to Ireland.

I recommend pacing yourself on the way up in order to get a longer run in. Twenty minutes out works great for the trail.


One of the bridges on King Trail

Directions from 101-S:

  1. Take exit 201 for Madonna Road
  2. Continue onto Madonna through Los Osos Valley Road
  3. The trailhead is at the end of Madonna
  4. Park on the residential street close to the trailhead
  5. Once you start your run there is an option of going straight for Mariposa Trail, or left for King Trail. They connect within a few miles.
  6. Pace yourself, the uphill is a challenge.

This is the beginning of the trail, straight for Mariposa Trail or left for King Trail


One response to “Trail of the Week

  1. Ashley,
    Thanks for being a resource for local running trails. I’m new to the area and have been looking for good running trails. So far Cero San Luis is my favorite after work run. I like that you give a suggestion of plan of attack for this run based on your experiences. Is it possible for you to include run lengths for the trails. Knowing the distance is a big help when planning my runs.

    Please keep up the information.

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