Positive Thinking

Just keep running


Trail towards Felsman Loop Trail from Patricia trailhead, view of the infamous Bishop’s Peak.

Lets be honest, running hurts. There a thousands of reasons to slow down, start walking, or stop all together.

Three runners share their mental strategies that help them catch a much needed second wind, and tune out the negativity and pain that is associated with the sport.

Running Warehouse employee Kaitlin Martinez mentally pictures herself racing, which helps her not only during races but even during runs too.

“I picture myself in a competitive aspect even if I am by myself,” she said.

During my run I make small promises to myself. If I have gone this many miles so far then I can go this many more. -Kaitlin Martinez

Small goals always help, Martinez said.


View from Felsman Loop Trail

The location of Running Warehouse employee Cortney Reagan’s run affects his mental state.

The places I run affects my emotions, being out and the open keeps myself relaxed, Reagan said.

Internally, running makes my problems smaller and it brings motivation for the rest of my life. – Cortney Reagan

I concentrate on form and breathing, and just staying calm when I’m running, Reagan said.


Felsman Loop Trail towards Patricia trailhead.

Larry Ng has a one of kind strategy, its all about the idea of not thinking.

“My strategy has always been getting away from my thoughts in general,” Ng said.

Its just about being present, being in the moment, accepting what is. -Larry Ng

Getting outside of your mind helps the most for my running, I focus on listening to my breathing and the joy I feel of just moving, Ng said.

Ng has a different tactic to gain motivation while racing.

“During a race I can look at other people and see how hard they are working,” Ng said. “If everyone else is doing the same thing, who am I to think I can’t do it?”

Everyone has their own strategies to stay positive while running or racing, it can be positive self talk or not thinking at all. It doesn’t matter what your strategy is as long as you find what works best for you.Positivity pushes you to just keep running.

Here are five key thoughts to remember during training, and yet another 8tracks playlist that can help with motivation.


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