How are we doing?

It has been just shy of a month since I created The Lost Runner and I wanted to figure out my progress and what I can do to improve. I talked to four peers and they told me their opinions.

Audience engagement

Based on my statistics it looks like the audience is engaged. I have about 2,500 views as of today.


I am not getting many comments or emails on my posts but people are telling me that they look forward to the next blog post when they see me. People told me that my pictures look professional and make them want to go try out the trail.


People have told me that they look forward to the trail of the week. A few friends that I run into on campus tell me that they have tried running the trails that I posted which means what I am doing is working. Based on my views another topic that people like it the post 7 secrets to running success. Running advice is a topic a lot of people seem to google and be interested in. Some of my headlines can be changed so they can be more reachable through google. People probably won’t be searching for “trail of the week” but might be searching a specific trail name in the area instead.

Room for improvement

I will be focusing on crafting more interesting headlines that tell the reader what the post is about. I could possibly find more trails that would be great for hiking and mountain biking so more people would be interested in reading and giving it a try. I’ll be trying to improve and look more like other websites like:, and

Thank you for your support.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog so far.

Jesse McWhirk pictured above, running the Dunes Trail.


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