Trail of the Week

Poly Canyon Trail

This trail is located on the Cal Poly campus, many students know it as the trail leading to architecture graveyard. What many students may not know is where the trail takes you beyond the graveyard. After about three fourths of a mile into the trail you’ll see the graveyard on your left, however if you continue straight you’ll be taken on a journey into Poly Canyon.

The first time I ran this trail I was surprised that somewhere so beautiful was right on campus. As soon as you go beyond architecture graveyard you are surrounded by green hills and oak trees. This trail is parallel to the Brizziolari Creek.

I would advise making it a there and back run, going out twenty minutes and coming back quicker. It is a gradual uphill on the way out so it is easy to go at a faster pace on your way back.

This is also a great trail to go mountain biking or hiking. Exploring throughout the graveyard is also something fun to go do; it is a collection of about 15 architecture and engineering projects created by students at Cal Poly. There are plenty of great spots to have a picnic as well if you’re planning on bringing lunch.


  1. Enter the Cal Poly Campus from the Grand Avenue entrance. If it is the weekend you won’t need a parking pass but if it is during the week you’ll need to buy a pass. There is a parking pass station right at the entrance at Grand on your right hand side.
  2. Turn right onto Perimeter Road.
  3. Turn right onto Village Road.
  4. Park in the parking lot on your left.
  5. The trail is further down Village Drive on the right.

About a fourth of a mile past Architecture Graveyard.


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